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Who was Robert Coleman-Senghor, the politician?

To understand Bob Coleman, the politician, we must begin by peeling back the many layers of the man.  To say Bob was "complicated" would be an understatement.  I must preface my analysis of Bob, the politician, by stating emphatically that I cannot speak to Bob as a father, a teacher ( who was certainly not a PHD), a son, a U.S. Marine, or "the victim" which was a role Bob loved to play so well and so often.

Empty promises from Mayor John Guardino and the liberal majority on the city council

In January 2009, Guardino looked at me during budget discussions and said, "George, look. The economy is turning the corner. With Obama taking office, everything is going to be fine. We can handle another year of running a deficit and by next year everything will be back to normal. Trust me on this one.  Work with us.  There is going to be plenty of new green jobs coming soon... I want your support on this budget even though it does run a deficit.... You're gonna be mayor in a couple of years.... I need your support so we can have a consensus on the council and move our city forward..."   

Black American Dreads Black History Month

February 1, 2011, I can't help imagining Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus and all of the other race profiteering usual suspects joyously awakening with a song in their hearts, “It's The Most Wonderful Month of the Year”.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

The day I refused the "advances" of my old friend and neighbor in Cotati is a day she began planning her revenge to get even we me. It's unfortunate that Joan Simon would resort to trying to get even with me simply because she's not my cup of tea. But this sort of thing has been going on for centuries, and the community needs to know how evil and despicable this particular woman has become. I tried to rise above the filth this woman spews, but my supporters have advised me it's time to set the record straight and expose this woman for who and what she is once and for all...

Dr, Manning has a message for the race hustlers in Cotati and America.   Here is a link to another Aryan Nation video Cotati Mayor Coleman has accused this website of posting.

Is Obama and the radical leftist agenda in Cotati pushing the community to it's limits?  Dr Manning thinks so.  What do you think?

"Corruption is Easy in City Government" Really?

Corruption is Easy in City Government
Written by CA Political News on November 28, 2009, 12:19 PM

By Tom Lochner,Contra Costa Times, 11/28/09

The Hercules City Council, without any discussion, awarded almost $1 million in service and consulting contracts for the current fiscal year to a firm founded by the Hercules city manager and now owned by two of his daughters.   Read more:  Hercules city manager's kids got plum deals

The Climate Change Climate Change.

The Number of Skeptics is Swelling Everywhere.
Read Wall Street Journal Story, Click Here.
This article sent in by concerned Cotati citizen. We welcome your input and participation in this website. The views here do not necessarily reflect those of the publisher of this website.

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson critical of President Obama, racism, NAACP, Affirmative Action, socialism, Kwanza, etc.

Racists condeming racists is now the rage in Sonoma County, and around the world. If it wasn't so sad, it would be funny. Cotati is filled with racists that have publically called city council members "White", "Afro-American" with color charts in hand. No kidding. Free Speech is alive and well in Cotati, unless you are an elected official. Rev. Peterson puts some of this insanity into context.

by J. Stewart

Kill Whitey Interview
Obama revealed
Jesse Lee Peterson TV Show
Critical assessment of Jesse Lee Peterson
Stop Obama's Socialism Change
Obama Hates White People
Christianity under attack
Peterson on Prop 8

Whiteface act, big hit...or racially insensitive? You make the call.

Warning: Video may be offensive and racially insensitive to some people.

Can cities regulate public comment?

Click here for an important legal publication about public comment during public hearings.

The recently adopted Code of Conduct for Cotati council members states that during city council meetings, "Everyone has the right to be heard." As insane as this may seem, that's what it says. Whether you're intoxicated, high on meth, a toddler, you can't speak English, or sitting in a Cotati jail cell, some Cotati leaders have decided that "Everyone" has a right to speak for up to five minutes.  This ridiculous Code of Conduct for council members was thrown together without much thought and failed to address any limits to public participation.    Yet many other cities have addressed the issue of how to manage public comment with education and putting the public on notice as to their rights and duties as citizens during city meetings.

Petaluma abolishes Planning Department.

What could this mean for Cotati as it wrestles with city salaries and benefits that many say are unsustainable?  Read story

Will Cotati follow and declare rain barrels illegal?

In Colorado, Rain Barrels Are Illegal. Yup.   Rain water on your property may belong to the almighty state at the rate we are going.   Click here.     read another article.   Who owns Colorado rain water?   Make your own rain barrel.

Can Putnam Park be saved?

Cotati, "Funky Town", is nothing new to locals.

Click here for 2006 story

Cotati Notification Alert:

Due to recent city budget cuts, the rising cost of city salaries, benefits, runaway government spending, 
as well as current market conditions, The Light at the End of the Tunnel has been turned off.

We apologize for the inconvenience.  (joke sent in by Cotati resident)

Barich responds to NAACP racist nonsense.

4-8-09: Joan Simon, Cotati resident and longtime council critic and Barich "basher" tells city leaders, "Barich is not a racist..."

Letter submitted to The Press Democrat on Monday, April 6 2009 in response to the NAACP that they failed to publish.

Dear Paul Payne, (Press Democrat)

Despite the recent statement by the Sonoma NAACP chapter, I have never had anything in my heart but complete respect for people of all colors. The photo of me in "brown face, black face, tan face" or whatever you wish to describe it as, is no different than the numerous contemporary actors who put on "black face", and "white face", which can be found through links on my web blog. I am not aware of the NAACP making any statements against any such contemporary actors, and I am left wondering why they are singling me out for denunciation. I never intended to offend anyone with the photo at issue, especially our President Obama, who has nothing to do with our city policy to deny elected officials the right to use the city logo in any and all written communications. I consider myself a man of "color", and proud of it.

In addition, I paid for my own airfare to Houston Texas in 2005 to assist in the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts after witnessing on television the sight of people of all colors screaming for help from their rooftops as the flood waters engulfed their homes and neighborhoods. I was mortified as the news reporters begged citizens in America to come help immediately because of the lack of government response. My efforts as a disaster relief volunteer at The George Brown Convention Center in Houston Texas have been acknowledged by The American Red Cross as being responsible for helping save hundreds of lives. Subsequently, the City of Cotati refused to acknowledge my efforts, and refused to answer my request to help with the relief efforts on the Gulf Coast in any way, shape, or form which threatened even more lives and property in the coming weeks as Hurricane Rita was about to hit. My formal request to the City of Cotati to do something to help in this regard is on the record. The city's failure to lift a finger for the victims of these two massive hurricanes was an affront to all people of every color, everywhere. For that, I am deeply disappointed and ashamed of our city's callous disregard for human life during our country's time of need.

When people of all color needed us most, I walked the walk. I left my home, my business, my family, to help hurricane victims directly, while our city leaders sat back and watched the disaster unfold on TV in the comfort of their living rooms. How anyone can claim, or even imply, that I am a racist is outrageous. I am owed an apology by the NAACP for implying that I am a racist, and should be acknowledged and thanked for my efforts during the Hurricane disasters of 2005 and striving to make Cotati, "colorblind" once and for all.

George Barich
Cotati City Council Member

Principal says: student can't wear Obama mask in show

An elementary school principal is barring a fifth-grader from wearing a Barack Obama mask in the school's talent show because parents have complained it's inappropriate.

Dru Lechert-Kelly, 11, hoped to dress presidentially and dance to a YouTube parody that features an Obama look-alike and a rap called "I Can Do Whatever I Like."

"Moving onto Uncle Sam's plantation" (A personal account)

Six years ago I wrote a book called "Uncle Sam's Plantation," my own story of what I saw living inside the welfare state and my own transformation out of it.

Click here for full story.

Racists in Cotati call for Barich's resignation.

by George Barich

Keeping Cotati "funky" brought outrage from the Cotati Chamber of Commerce. What appeared to be an orchestrated move by a far-left fringe group of the Cotati Chamber of Commerce, three chamber members called for Barich's resignation at a city council meeting but failed to articulate exactly the reason why.

3-25-09: For fear of looking like racists themselves, speakers John Moore, Andre Morrow, and Cheryl Nixon stopped just short of offering an explanation as to what it is about this blog that offended them so much. It was very obvious that none of them wanted to begin to discuss who is "white", who is "black", and who really gives a damn while our town heads closer to bankruptcy each day.

Perplexed faces from the audience confirmed that a political witch hunt was being performed right before their eyes. The Chamber has yet to come up with a plan to promote more economic development in Cotati, and appeared to be upstaged by a lone council member who is single handedly doing their job for them by recycling an old bumper sticker as a new slogan for the town, Keep Cotati Funky.

At the meeting recess, Barich supporters and other chamber members thanked Barich for bringing attention to the blatant racism of people like Andre Morrow who claims to hold a monopoly of being the only Afro-American in the audience. For a town that strives to be more "color blind", it was clear Cotati city leaders were again, deeply disturbed by Morrow's comments.

Morrow had been chastised by Mayor Guardino in the past for bringing racist comments into a city meeting earlier in the year. Cheryl Nixon embarrassed herself further by suggesting that other council members control the free speech of Barich on his private blog who will not conform to the far-left political agenda which is losing favor in town.No council action was taken.

John Moore, who has previously promised Barich to run him out of town for his fiscal conservatism and for exposing John's Moore's Marxist's views, appeared sober, and suffered another huge personal defeat by not getting the support from the audience he had hoped for.

Blackface and Bambizzoolzed




Click Here to watch video

Guess The Nationality


All wrong... POLISH!

Don't believe it?

So, what were you thinking?

(Sent in by Cotati resident. It's called, humor)

City Hall, down a river without a paddle.

Plundering the city reserves over the years has left Cotati little or no resources to do much of anything but watch in horror and pray for a bailout, while other cities stand ready and able to stimulate their own local economies themselves.

Local Economies Seek Own Economic Revival. Read how other cities stand ready to meet the challenge after actually saving money for a rainy day. Read Wall Street Journal Story.

Cotati votes to hire more consultants at $28,000.00 despite public outrage.

2-25-09, The Cotati City Council voted in a 3-2 decision to hire an outside consulting firm to poll the community, by phone, to gain support for a local tax measure that could be placed on the ballot as early as November 2009.  The benefits of such a tax measure could take months or years to take effect.

Barich and Coleman both voted against the huge spending proposal as the city looms closer to bankruptcy each day. The town expects to run out of city funds and will be insolvent to pay its bills by December 2009 at its current rate of spending.

During public comment on the issue, the vast majority of citizens displayed public contempt against spending any more money on consultants which would spend down the gains the city made recently from the 5% voluntary pay cut offered by the city employees as a gesture of good will to help the city achieve financial stability.

The city spending orgy continues despite the efforts of many who want to see the city spend within its means as the economy worsens. The California jobless rate reached 10.1%, and the likelihood that the community would overwhelmingly vote to throw more money down a hole at City Hall seems overly optimistic at this time.

Some city staff members and city leaders seem obsessed with the notion of raising more revenues at a time when the community is hurting more each day. The $28,000.00 for consultants does not begin to pay for the cost of a special election, nor the city staff time and city council meetings that will be consumed with debating whether or not to place a special tax measure on the ballot in 2009. The final cost of putting a tax measure on the ballot would likely double the $28,000.00 figure paid to consultants and could reach over $60,000.00 with election costs and expensive staff time consumed behind the scenes rallying the troops. The cost of marketing a tax increase to the public by special interest groups or marketing agencies has yet to be taken into account as well.

Gilardi, Orchard, and Guardino voted to spend the money despite the cries from the public that the idea of hiring more consultants at this point in time was too little, too late in the game no matter how well intended. Citizens speaking in opposition of the proposal to spend the city deeper into the hole on more consultants included citizens Shelley Berman, Mike Kurvers, Paul Foti, Barry Harris, Ken Coleman, Adrienne Lauby, Andre Morrow, Joan Simon, Linell Hardy, Patrick McCarty, and others. Not one citizen spoke in favor of the spending proposal.

Will these items ever be put on the City Council Agenda?

Barich has requested that the Cotati City Council agendize important city issues be brought forth for discussion. But to date, no luck.

Dec 10, 2008, (date of swearing in):

  • Discussion of Term Limits for City Council Members.
  • Discussion of Rolling Back Water and Sewer Rates

January 14, 2009:

  • Discussion of the city's water shut off policy for non-payment where children, the disabled, and the elderly are severely impacted as a public health and welfare issue.
  • Discussion of adding a third city council meeting per month, on the first Wednesday of the month, to meet the growing number of items that need to be agendized. This would provide relief from city meetings going on too late into the night and early morning.
  • Discussion of Re-opening "Citizen Business" at the end of the meeting for those citizens who come late to the city council meetings and wish to speak. Re-opening "Citizen Business" at the end of the meeting for one minute to anyone to allow final comment and give the citizen the last word.

January 28, 2009:

  • Discussion on a city ordinance to ban the use Styrofoam food containers and packing material.
  • Consider taking up the issue of a two tier water billing system proposed by citizen Tony Adler
  • Consider establishing a standing committee for better relations between the Rancho Adobe Fire District and the city.

February 11, 2009:

  • Consider putting together a city procedure of some kind to get feedback from citizens on how City Hall is performing and assess "customer service", or whether their issues are being resolved. Barich suggested the cheapest method of contacting citizens directly is to put a sign-in sheet in every city office for everyone who walks in to register in with a name, date, phone number or email address, along with brief description of the purpose of their visit. This would allow city council members to review the list each week, spot check the list, and make personal phone calls to the community to solicit feedback if necessary. The information gathered could also be used to help the City Council with the performance review of the City Manager who is in charge of running the city.
  • Consider a massive public outreach program, conducted by volunteers, to gather citizen email addresses from people who want to be on a city's email list. Those citizens will then receive periodic emails regarding public meetings, workshops, special events, emergency notices, city activities, and call for volunteers.

February 25, 2009:

  • Discussion of why Cotati Code Enforcement is simply falling off the City's
    radar. The City Manager has stated that there is simply no money for routine
    code enforcement because of cut backs in city staff. Barich asked that this has
    caused a Code Enforcement Crisis and what city leaders plan to do about it.
  • Discuss why citizen complaint letters are no longer shared with city leaders nor included in their meeting packets as was done years ago. For years, all letters to City Hall, including thank you and complaint letters..., were in the city council meeting packets to be reviewed by city leaders. But no longer is this being done. Where is the transparency and where have all the letters gone? Where are the checks and balances to insure no citizen is left behind?
  • Dicussion of the current state of Helen Putnam Park and to review it's current condition and ability to serve the needs of the citizenry, and any potential Health and Safety concerns that may exist. On March 11, 2009, the city leaders directed staff to report back and asked city staff to work with Barich to prepare a report.
March 11, 2009:
  • A Discussion of previous requests by city council members, and citizens, to ask staff to provide an analysis of what the city finances would look like if the city adopted an across the board salary reduction of 15% and 20% respectfully.
March 25, 2009:
  • A Discussion of cablecasting and televising all city council meetings in addition to merely web-casting them. Current city staff has been watering down the idea that the meetings should merely be web-casted sometime in the future. This was not what the $36,000.00 held in trust from the cable company was intended for.
  • A discussion that a general complaint form should be readily available on the city website to fill in, email, or print out for citizens to use to lodge a complaint in writing so council members as well as staff can review them.
April 8, 2009:
  • A discussion on increasing city volunteers as described in the city's personnel manual where clear direction is given on the use of volunteers to meet the city's needs.
  • A full discussion on the validity of the City Manager's recent written report on the state of Helen Putnam Park, ongoing citizen complaints about the park, and what city leaders plan to do about the situation other than file away the report.

May13, 2009:

  • A discussion of whether or not to keep funding the Cotati Chamber of Commerce since it routinely violates its own charter to act as a non-political entity by ongoing public demands that city officials to resign from office.

May 27, 2009:

  • In response to recent news that our city's debt has nearly double in the last few weeks, a discussion of whether or not to eliminate all salary and benefits to city leaders for the foreseeable future in an act of good faith and do our part to stem off the possibility of impending bankruptcy.

June 24, 2009:

  • Add "Citizen Business" to the end of every public meeting for those citizens who come to the meetings late, or wish to add a short comment at the end of the evening.
  • Discuss the future of the Planning Department ( Community Development Department ) and see what money can be saved by the possible elimination of the department and outsource planning services that could save the city as much as a quarter million dollars a year.

July 22, 2009:

  • Full council discussion on the apparent problem of selective enforcement of Cotati city ordinances, and what we can do about ongoing citizen complaints that laws are not being fairly and equally enforcement or simply ignored altogether.

Barich's First 100 Days in Office

Barich tries keeping up with Obama on change in the right direction.

12-08: Barich begins to hold regular office hours on Monday nights from 5:pm to 8:pm.

12-08: Barich purchases an A-board sign at his own expense to advertise when he is in his office inviting citizens to come in to meet with a council member face to face.

12-08: Barich saves the city thousands of dollars by heading off a personal injury lawsuit against the city. Barich speaks with local citizen, injured as a result of falling through the ground at a public park due to hundreds of gofer holes. Citizen gets no assistance from City Hall. Citizen calls Barich complaining about city inaction and unresponsiveness.... Barich convinces citizen that he will make honest efforts to rectify the numerous "situations" in the park so no one else gets injured on his watch. Citizen withholds lawsuit against city waiting for city to address the problem. Barich emails the city about the problem and provide photographs to document the situation. Barich gets no city help on park improvements to date as city contends their is no money to address the problem, however there is sufficienct city insurance in place. Citizen's patience is running thin.

12-10-08: Barich pleads with council and staff to balance the budget and stop spending down city reserves further to avert a financial crisis. City does nothing and wants to take a wait and see position for the moment. City takes Christmas break and closes City Hall for two weeks while economy worsens as Barich predicted.

12-10-08: Barich appoints Tim Ritter to the Cotati Planning Commission. Ritter is the first registered Republican to take a high seat in Cotati city government in recent memory.

1-2-09: Barich goes on police ride-along with Cotati Police Officer, and when asked how to solve the city financial crisis, Barich suggests a voluntary accross the board pay cut by all city employees. Word travels fast within City Hall, as predicted.

1-14-09: Barich denounces County Supervisor's Kern's letter to Pres. Obama, (signed by Cotati Mayor Pat Gilardi) for a large slice of the proposed federal tax and spend bailout package as being a letter full of misinformation and deception. During the public meeting, Barich promises the council that he will write a letter to Obama in response to save the city further embarrassment. No comment from the council.

1-20-09: At the mayor's request, Barich attends a three day conference in Sacramento on the inner workings of city government, city leadership training, team building, city planning, ethics training, etc.

1-28-09: Barich sends personal Letter to Obama before U.S. Congress debates the issue while there was still time to act in defense of the country. Read full text in original PDF file. Click here. City Council reviews a sample city council version of the letter for possible signature support and refuses to support the letter in any way. Letter is distributed to other council members throughout the state and is met with mixed reviews. Many council members from around the country use this letter as a "call to arms" and write similar letters of their own to Obama on behalf of their constituents. As a result, Obama's federal Stimulus is watered down with regard to bailout funds to cities and counties as a result of public outrage to the Ultimate Doom's Day Weapon of Mass Economic Destruction.

2-1-09: Barich refuses to cash his first city paycheck as a sign of good faith to the city employees to take steps to ease the city's financial crisis. City employees, hearing about Barich's intentions in early December 2008, oddly enough, offer the city a 5% reduction in salaries to ease the city's financial situation.

2-11-09: Barich votes with Guardino and Coleman (3 to 2 vote) to accept the proposed city budget cuts by the City Manager and Finance Director. Before the vote, Barich stated his reservation that the cuts were not deep enough, that the city had wasted valuable time since December to come up with a solid plan to balance the budget, and the cuts were too little and too late to avoid a financial meltdown later in the year.

3-12-09:  Barich begins working on the most ambitious project to hold city leaders to a new standard of conduct and ethics .   After doing some research on this issue from other cities and attempting to raise the bar to new heights, Barich begins drafting a new "Code of Excellence" for city leaders and members of the public which will be completely voluntary.   Citizens who promise to adhere to the new policy will be eligible for the prestigious, Cotati Citizenship Award of Merit which will be handed out by Barich at a yearly dinner and awards celebration in Cotati.

Historical firsts for Cotati's most politically moderate city leader in decades.

With new city leadership comes historic changes for Cotati City Hall as well.

Barich, first council member to reside on the west side of town in decades.

Barich, first council member to actively seek out and engage the local press for the benefit of the public and develops a healthy dialogue with journalists early on in his term to help keep the public informed as to how the city is being governed.

Barich appoints first registered Republican, Tim Ritter, to Cotati Planning Commission. Barich first offered the position to Mike Kurvers, a registered Democrat, but Mr. Kurvers respectively and graciously declined.

Barich works for the city as councilman while refusing a city paycheck to help balance the budget.

Barich holds regular office hours three hours a week on Monday evenings at City Hall from 5:pm to 8:pm by appointment, or for walk-ins.

Barich puts up the first web blog by any Cotati city council member in February 2009.