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Historical firsts for Cotati's most politically moderate city leader in decades.

With new city leadership comes historic changes for Cotati City Hall as well.

Barich, first council member to reside on the west side of town in decades.

Barich, first council member to actively seek out and engage the local press for the benefit of the public and develops a healthy dialogue with journalists early on in his term to help keep the public informed as to how the city is being governed.

Barich appoints first registered Republican, Tim Ritter, to Cotati Planning Commission. Barich first offered the position to Mike Kurvers, a registered Democrat, but Mr. Kurvers respectively and graciously declined.

Barich works for the city as councilman while refusing a city paycheck to help balance the budget.

Barich holds regular office hours three hours a week on Monday evenings at City Hall from 5:pm to 8:pm by appointment, or for walk-ins.

Barich puts up the first web blog by any Cotati city council member in February 2009.

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