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Racists in Cotati call for Barich's resignation.

by George Barich

Keeping Cotati "funky" brought outrage from the Cotati Chamber of Commerce. What appeared to be an orchestrated move by a far-left fringe group of the Cotati Chamber of Commerce, three chamber members called for Barich's resignation at a city council meeting but failed to articulate exactly the reason why.

3-25-09: For fear of looking like racists themselves, speakers John Moore, Andre Morrow, and Cheryl Nixon stopped just short of offering an explanation as to what it is about this blog that offended them so much. It was very obvious that none of them wanted to begin to discuss who is "white", who is "black", and who really gives a damn while our town heads closer to bankruptcy each day.

Perplexed faces from the audience confirmed that a political witch hunt was being performed right before their eyes. The Chamber has yet to come up with a plan to promote more economic development in Cotati, and appeared to be upstaged by a lone council member who is single handedly doing their job for them by recycling an old bumper sticker as a new slogan for the town, Keep Cotati Funky.

At the meeting recess, Barich supporters and other chamber members thanked Barich for bringing attention to the blatant racism of people like Andre Morrow who claims to hold a monopoly of being the only Afro-American in the audience. For a town that strives to be more "color blind", it was clear Cotati city leaders were again, deeply disturbed by Morrow's comments.

Morrow had been chastised by Mayor Guardino in the past for bringing racist comments into a city meeting earlier in the year. Cheryl Nixon embarrassed herself further by suggesting that other council members control the free speech of Barich on his private blog who will not conform to the far-left political agenda which is losing favor in town.No council action was taken.

John Moore, who has previously promised Barich to run him out of town for his fiscal conservatism and for exposing John's Moore's Marxist's views, appeared sober, and suffered another huge personal defeat by not getting the support from the audience he had hoped for.

Blackface and Bambizzoolzed




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Guess The Nationality


All wrong... POLISH!

Don't believe it?

So, what were you thinking?

(Sent in by Cotati resident. It's called, humor)


  1. Greetings from San Francisco,
    I saw your situation on the ABC's eleven o'clock news lead story. The
    publicity appears to be labeling you as a racist and they are trying
    to shut you down because you don't share their political positions.
    I viewed your blog and see nothing here that's offensive.
    I think that you have a right to express your opinions and I don't
    find your humor offensive.
    Hell, I couldn't believe my eyes when bloggers, public servants, news
    media lampooned Bush. I didn't see any protests on ABC about that;
    I guess that Obama is sacrosanct here.
    So much for our first amendment rights!

  2. Holy Jesus on a cross!!! These people in Cotati are so full of themselves and self righteousness. Take your Political Correctness to the extreme why don't you? Is there no Humor or sense of satire allowed there? This is Sebastopol of the south. At least I can hope that Windsor would have some sense of humor.

    Face it, Cotati is a funky town, you go to a venue and someone wearing a beanie with a propeller on it asks you not to "invade their space" while they twirl a scarf. You don't find that anywhere else (well, maybe Sebastopol).

  3. Though we don't see eye to eye politically, we approve of your attempt at humor. But what did you use? It looks like chocolate pudding on your face. The pudding is mostly corn syrup, and is not healthy.

    Oh, wait! You're an electrical contractor? I think we got a real "charge" out of your antics.

  4. I saw the TV news report this morning about your Blog and the "Black-face" stunt you did to mock and poke fun at President Barack Obama and Air Force One. I also saw and heard your defense of your action, and your statement about being a member of the human race.

    I'm a fifth-generation American of predominantly African lineage and a member of the human race as well, who has lived in this country for more than seventy-one years, served on active military duty as a commissioned officer in the Army (Infantry) including a year of combat duty in Vietnam, 1965-'66. One of my brothers in the Air Force also did a tour in Vietnam at that same time. I was born and raised in Texas and have lived in and/or traveled in or through 35 of the 50 U.S. states. In all that time, I have seen and experienced bigotry, discrimination, racism or whatever name one chooses to call it, in all its renditions from the most blatant to the most subtle, so no one can BS me about it.

    From the way you spoke in the TV excerpt I saw, you don't seem to feel you've done anything wrong, much the same way a group of teenagers apparently felt a few years ago when they came by my home one night around 11:00 PM and turned my VW Beetle on its side. In their twisted minds, it was FUN!

    As much as I disagree with your actions, I'm still proud of the fact that we live in a country where the right to speak freely is paramount, and I'm loathe to deny that to anyone including people like you. But I do feel kind of sorry for people like you whose paradigm is so outdated. The only "Positive" from your blog and your attempt at humor is conclusive proof to anyone with an open mind, that Archie Bunker is still alive and well in these United States.

    A defender of the United States Constitution

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  6. How come YOU can have personal views and the board members of the Chamber of Commerce cannot, George?

    Sounds pretty hypocritical to me.

  7. I move that all costume stores be fined if they sell an afro wig to a person who is not of African descent. They are obviously promoting racsism by allowing white people to wear afro wigs. Also, white people should not be allowed to wear makeup, for fear that they might be mistaken for or made to look like a black person, which is obviously the worst thing ever to happen anywhere, anytime, anyhow. *sarcasm

    I had never heard of Cotati before this story, but now I know that it's full of fools.

  8. The atractiveness of funk has brought many happy people to The Tradewinds for Jimi Hendricks type music from the East Bay. Thank goodness for Cotati funk!

  9. The larger issue around all of this is that George seems to think that he is the only correct person in the city of Cotati and anyone that disagrees with him is subject to harsh criticism and name calling. George was up in arms when the Community Voice called him a "gadfly", yet George has no problem calling people names and he does it repeatedly and voraciously. Just look at his blog, his letters to the Voice, etc.

    His actions are those of a buffoon and he is a disgrace to our council. He seems to revel in this theater. This is very unprofessional.

    George, please come down off your high horse and work WITH us...not against us. Humility would do a lot for you.

  10. Too bad you get all this publicity on stupid stuff when there are such horrible people at city hall doing horrible things. Nobody will take you seriously with this kind of press. You are givinb the manager more rope than she knows what to do with. Too bad you were one hope we had to expose what is going on in Cotati.

  11. Hey Barich - looks like you wanted publicity and you got it...How do you like it?

    You're a moron and I hope they toss you out of office you dumb wingnut.

  12. I think you should wear the afro wig and shades all the time, that's all. Do you ever dress up in women's clothes?

    Just Curious

  13. Hey George, you made the San Diego TV News! You go brother! They showed your blog, but missed the point of "the funky city" and focused on your blackface picture. Political correctness gone whacky! I can't stand it! Damn the torpedoes - Full Steam ahead! Give'm HELL George! - Vince

  14. Blackface refers to the specific style of theatrical makeup to depict a racial stereotype.

    The makeup that Barich wears in the Halloween photo is no different from Robert Downey's makeup in a recent Hollywood production. Downey was nominated for and Oscar for this role.

  15. This isn't Al Jolson singing "mammy".

    And let's not forget "White Chicks" in which a couple of black actors get made up as white girls to spew racist insults and DEMEAN AND RIDICULE WHITES!!

    Seriously, somebody's gotta do one called "Black Chicks" just to ensure the Democrat notion of "fairness doctrine" is upheld. There are a LOT of black racist jokes one can pull off in a movie like that.

    Live Free

  16. Mistaken ideas and practices always offer a good occasion for some illumination. If you are seriously interested in the “black face” phenomena, its cultural function, or the history of its social harms, you might read the following: Eric Lott, Love and Theft; Louis Chude-Sokei, The Last 'Darky': Bert Williams, Black-on-Black Minstrelsy, and the African Diaspora; John Strausbaugh, Black Like You: Blackface, Whiteface, Insult & Imitation; Toms, Coons; Donald Bogle, Mulattoes, Mammies & Bucks: An Interpretive History of Blacks in American Films. Try also the films Birth of a Nation, Bamboozled, Hollywood Shuffle, Bulworth, and Ethnic Notions

    “Despite their billing as images of reality, these Negroes of fiction are counterfeits. They are projected aspects of an internal symbolic process through which, like a primitive tribesman dancing himself into the group frenzy necessary for battle, the white American prepares himself emotionally to perform a social role.” ==Ralph Ellison.

  17. Well, he could always turn to the white community and their white community organizers for their support during....
    Oh yeah, I forgot.
    There is no white community; only a black one.
    OK, he could appeal to the congressional white caucus to support his rights of free speech and....
    Darn, there is no congressional white caucus.
    George, looks like all you have is a bunch of racists clamoring for your crucifiction.

  18. I also agree it isn't the classic racist blackface, it's also no more racist that the 'whiteface' roles Shawn and Marlon Wayans played in the hilariously funny movie White Chicks

  19. Free Speech, get over it, go find something else to do with your worthless liberal time.

  20. I sometimes wish I were black too, I know how he feels. I would like to be a cool black cat like Sammy Davis or sometimes a tough black panther type. You know like "Watch yo mouth sucker....."
    I sometimes even pretend I'm Dave Chappell...Beeatch.

  21. Why resign? He was elected by the people of Cotati and will face their opinion if he ever runs again.

    Still, what a dufus.

  22. George Barich has the right to say anything he wants. We have the right to point out he's a racist. Just because he's too dense to recognize why his actions are racist doesn't make them any less so. It just shows his ignorance.

  23. this guy may be a pile of crap. he may actually be a racist (not saying he is-i never heard of him before). He may be disgusting and rude. but this is still the United States of America and has the "RIGHT" to be all of the above.

    The anti american/anti constitutionalist who is demanding that he fit their idea of how people should act and think should be charged with taking away, or at least trying to take away this CITIZENS rights under the U.S. Constitution. ENOUGH


  24. Good for him. About time somebody stood up for what they believed in.

  25. Get on the Soooooooooouuuuullll Train!
    So, Don Cornelius is a civil-rights legend?
    Go George! Reveal the mau-mau racists for what they are.

  26. Give the guy a break, it's probably been a long time sense he's had a full head of hair. Bit*h betta have my money, I'll slap the bi*ch with the "white" side and back hand her with the "black".
    Maybe next time he should wear a sombrero and pancho riding a donkey.

  27. Maybe he just stayed in the tanning booth too long ? Who is anybody to claim who is white, brown, red, etc? I think this guy has exposed the racists for who and what they are !

  28. i dont get exactly what it is he is standing up for? his right to dress be offensive? seems like a dumb thing to waste political energy on. i dont think he should have to resign, but he certainly seems clueless

  29. And if hes racist, so what???? This is America, remember? we have the right to be anything we want and that include racist!!!! Get it people!!!!! That the problem with todays society, too many people pulling that race card out, before they know the full details!!! Get with it and grow up!!

  30. Nixon needs to get a life.This has nothing to do with how he performs his duties on the city council.Yet another glowing example of liberal facism,all for divirsity as long as it fits their subjective notions as to how it ought to be.

  31. remember these people that call him a racist for the most part don't pay taxes, are on some sort of welfare, and have been smoking the wacky tobacy to long. how ever if he dressed up like Cezer Chavas they might applaud him.

  32. The Wayans brothers made a movie in 2004 named "White Chicks". In the movie, the two black brothers dress up as white girls. Did I hear any of you complain when that movie came out? I didn't think so. Why? What are the political leanings of the Wayans brothers? If it's ok for the goose, why not the whole gander.

  33. Blackface! Ya gotta love it. Let's celebrate our diversity! Next I wanna see the good councilman in a burka! Then dressed as Hiawatha! Then, I am thinking Pedro the friendly Mexican would be a big hit. You know, all you yokels out there, if we can't celebrate our diversity it would mean that forty years of affirmative action failed! Not good. So let's all show our enlightenment and embrace the moment. So says the writer, also a yokel! By the way, what ever happened to Polish jokes? They were hilarious...

  34. I think Barich is pretty clever. I followed this silly issue of keeping the city logo away from him in the PD. He has thought this out and is building a bridge while exposing the city at the same time. He hasn't torn anybody down that I know of. He could have made fun of anybody he wanted to, yet he decided to poke fun at himself. Brilliant, Dude, or Bro.

    If you expose these radical racists from the left and the right in our town by pulling this off, you will have been the moderate city leader we have hoped for. Where do I go to contribute to your re-election campaign?

  35. Freedom of speech is everything. This clown has the freedom to act and be as racist as he wants. Men great men and woman have died so we can have this freedom. What everyone needs to understand is he is using the official city logo, copyright protected material and radical views in conjunction with blog. This goof has all the right in the world to say, dress or spout off all he wants on his personal blog. He does not have the right to do so in accordance with the city or any other faction of. Take the logo's down remove the reference to the city and blaze on you ignorant little man. Your day will come. The business owners and citizens of Cotati should be fighting mad, His views while racist are his but he does not have the right to drag the city where we work and live into his radical and racist views. Get them off your blog site and stand on your own…….Alone!

  36. Funny if you don't agree with a liberal you are a homophobic, racist or what ever. This is America we have freedom of speach. I wonder if calling a person a racist is a crime. I'm sick of you darn liberals who want to control everything I say and what I do and tell me how to think. Just because he painted his face black does not make him a racist. Grow up

  37. Get a life people. We need a little humor. Anyone that knows Mr Barich knows he is for responsible government and fiscal responsibility. AND we need a sense of humor in these times. Nobody asked Eddie Murphy to resign after his rendition of Mr Roberts. The people against Mr Barich have been looking to find any little instance to censure him for years. This is his third try at the council and the majority have spoken, just like Prop 8. He is only a threat to those with special interests, because his only interest is the welfare of the people of Cotati. Poor taste, maybe. Bad judgement. Ehh. A fresh new face and not the same ol' "Politics as usual" I have an idea. Somebody email Mr Obama and if he responds that he is offended then do something. If he takes it in good stride, then forget it. I am a Democrat, yet lean to the middle. I don't always agree with Mr Barich but would have voted for him if I lived in Cotati..Get down with your bad self COUNCILMEMBER BARICH

  38. liberals are an intolerant group who are align themselves with Hitler in their actions while they point fingers at others. Note that liberals will never smile...they seem a bitter group who intends to share their misery...

    must be tough to be them

  39. I really dont see anything racial about his acts unless one is just seeking something to bitch about. But to suggest our local leaders , city, county etc are to be judged by a higher standard has never been the case in this county. As a general rule our civil leaders are the more corrupt, more lying, and possessing less common sense and knowlege of the history and tradition of this country than the average citizen.

    Just look around yourself We have schools that cant teach, raods in disrepair, we let the illegals we fail to arrest and deport march on the publics dime, and waste money on their education etc. Why do we educate those who cant legally work here?
    Try getting a fair trial in this county from competant judges and one will realize the impossibilities of living here!

  40. Perhaps some people missed the memo. You no longer have a right to be a racist or a homophobe. Those rights are gone now.

  41. So Moore says that he believes in free speech but thinks that elected officials should be held to a "higher standard"?

    Moore is an idiot. Free speech is not a "standard". It is the most basic constitutional right. Nobody has to give up one constitutional right in order to exercise another. Barich also has a constitutional right to run for and hold office if he wins. This would be a less free country if the Moore's of this world had their way.

  42. John Moore said Barich was a liability to the city. He said he recognizes the right to free speech but thinks elected officials should be held to a higher standard.

    “I don’t know anybody in 2009 who finds humor in that,” Moore said. “Maybe 50 years ago in Mississippi.”

    Just the opposite. 50 years ago nobody would of laughed but it is a good thing that we can laugh today.

    I remember my father saying, "Always be able to laugh at life."

    There is humor in life and always look at the best in people.

  43. Any fool can pay lip service to free speech- including Mr. Barich. However, it takes a modicum of intelligence to understand both the ramifications and consequences of doing so.

    It has become apparent that the last refuge of scoundrels is no longer the flag, but rather the first amendment.

  44. If anyone demands that their vicious name calling, hate speech, profanity, or racist vile be posted on this site, please identify yourself for the sake of the readers, or build your own website. Maybe you can get a grant...

    I'm just back from work, got a lot of color in my skin today, and it feels great. Thank you to the volunteers and contributors who have made this website possible. Have a funkin great weekend. GB

  45. It's pretty apparent that for you, local politics are simply another means of getting up on a stage and acting like a jackass.

  46. Wait, let me see +*&^%@?!! this guy had virtually no hits on his new website for two months. Then after playing by the rules handed to him, the town council loones told him to take city logo off his blog which was the same logo they gave him printed on his businesss card. So, then with an image of no more than one inch, by one inch of an old Halloween costume, he got almost 4000 hits in less than three days and he didn't spend a dime??? Seems like he's in the wrong profession. He's too bright to be working in government, and working for free at that to help bail out the town. If this is sign of things to come, that town better hold on. Looks like there is still hope for this country after all. I'm calling my stock broker in the morning to see what he can dig up on Cotati.

    San Bruno, CA

  47. George, bless you, the first thing my husband and I said after reading your character assassination: you are not a racist. I told George I don't believe people in blackface = racist, for heaven's sake; and your photo is so obviously a Halloween photo, not a blackface (no white lips, etc). George said he grew up in the minstral era (he's not THAT old, but he remembers the end of vaudeville, etc). Whoopie Goldberg's ex-boyfriend Ted Danson went blackface to one of the roasts in Hollywood.
    You are a good person, and people who even slightly know you know this -- plus you are not hiding anything. The article was obviously a character assassination. Obviously biased in favor of the few people against you. In the interest of fairness and objective reporting, the reporter should have checked out facts. Somebody's v. jealous and certainly ill informed and a malcontent. I don't think much of the reporters on the Press D. For one thing, they don't have a lot of class, and they should be focusing on "hard" news, news that matters, in light of financial hardships, ego CEOs. I've long felt certain of the reporters are just plain stupid: major case: the gal that stabbed her boyfriend a couple of months back and is in jail now: Shayna Dufrey-- the idiot reporter reported that she used to work for the Press D. Now why would the reporter embarrass its own paper? And that's not the ONLY place she temped. The reporter should have included the other temp jobs she occupied. A good reporter would have. The Press D. has become a rag like the Examiner turned into. I don't think it'll be too long before it's in the toilet. Right now it's an embarrassment. Keep on keeping on, George! karaokeKate

  48. Dear Mr Barich,

    My husband and I were shocked when we read the article about you in thursdays Press democrate. But probably not in the way that you would expect. We support what your doing 100% Your being who you are and its great to see a person on rank be an actually person for a change!! I cannot believe that they would even go to this for you speaking your mind, using your FREEDOM OF SPEECH, and expression who you are and who once you were! My husband and I are behind you 100% and you keep doing what your doing!! Cotati would probably be a little better if it had some funk. Hell I think everywhere would be a little better if it had a funk... But up here in Santa Rosa, we support you!!!!!

  49. The question of use of the City Logo was asked prior to your request but Police Chief Stewart's acting secretary Dianne Thompson doesn't ever respond to any question nor does she clarify anything. That you chose to spoof and be playful, on your own Web-Site which anyone can take at face value, is your own business. What you do while acting as a City Council member is yet another matter. You have not written letters of support or recommendation for city employees or written in any official capacity nor have you supported any entity using city stationary as others have done without council approval or action. That the public meetings are turning into a media circus was not by your doing- you didn't call them or use pawns to parade the City of Cotati into disgrace. No you asked questions that deserve reasonable answers. I agree with Vice Mayor Sengar-Coleman "We have more important business to focus upon" Others are quick to condemn without reflection when they should be working on solutions and the big issues. If you broke the law I would think you'd be charged and convicted- instead once again an empty message was sent...

  50. George, you are a bigger idiot the George Bush!!

  51. George you deserve the FUN-KEY to the city!! Get down..get down..altogether now..get down..get more time..get down..get down....Have a funkyn parade!!!!!!

  52. You were duly elected, uncontested and what in our nationa llows for selective representation? Was Justice Marshall's decisions any more or less potent than Warren's or any other sitting justice? The whole issue is so stupid. If you were a flaming racist it would not matter. Does it matter that you have homosexuals, liberals, progressives, libertarians, etc on the council? All were elected, you are 20% just like the other four it is as simple as that.

  53. It's a good thing he's not from my city - I expect more from my politicians than racist, juvenile behavior.

  54. Barich has a constitutional right to use the city logo the same way all kinds of political protesters use the American flag. A city logo is the municipal equivalent of a flag. He can burn it if he wants.

  55. George we need more funky music with you leading us down the streets getting down with those Snoop Dog-like funky chicken moves- you go counselman!!! Get their minds right!

  56. I have to confess: I think less of the people of Cotati for electing you in the first place. You have the right to be a racist who can't construct a complete sentence. But who elected you to office and what on earth were they smoking?

  57. George, like I told you, if you want to find a friend in politics, get a dog. I'm proud of your willingness to put yourself in the line of fire for the rest of us who agree with your moderate views. The best never rest and it's sure true with you. Anyone who doubted your commitment to take back Cotati for the sane people who live here have their work cut out for them.

  58. Sir,

    I am not a resident of Cotati, but I intend to attend the council meeting this Wednesday night. Quite frankly, I hope the Council finds a way to toss you out, but of course that can't happen legally, but they can certainly take a vote and affirm the Council is O.K. and you need to find another venue to express your thoughts and humor like at some comedy club.

  59. The President's pastor made it very, very clear.
    The biggest problem in America is "rich, white people!!".
    With a racist-sympathizer in the White House, who is surprised at the spike in black-on-white oppression and murder of white police officers?
    George Barich, you absolutely rock!
    Keep Cotati funky!

  60. "Racist"? How absurd and ignorant an assertion! At tomorrow's council meeting, I'll wager that George will be the only person in, what promises to be a very crowded room, that actually went to New Orleans to help in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. If the NAACP is really so upset and indignant over his harmless (albeit, kinda dumb ) photo, perhaps a better path to truly advancing "colored people" would be to realize that people make mistakes and accept his apology, not to be merely used as a tool for satisfying a very old political grudge. Extremism if fraught with peril, and Cotati has far more critical issues at hand. If you're still pissed about George being elected, get over it. You exercised your right not to vote for him. It's just that the majority of your fellow citizens didn't happen to agree with your position either.

  61. What's worse: using the wrong letterhead or not standing up for the public who is being plunged into debt by Obama? What we need is more public officials who are willing to stand up to Obama's dangerous policies.

  62. This whole BLOG is a joke!

  63. This is the first I've heard of this specific incident. It is troubling and offensive. But the idiotic references to the Wayans Brothers are equally offensive. The Wayans are buffoons who demean themselves for laughs. MESSAGE TO ALL BIGOTS AND MORONS: Just because African American comedic actors portray different charactors does not mean that it is approved by other African Americans. The Wayans neither speak for nor represent African Americans. Neither do other the African American entertainers or athletes. or politicians. Note To Morons: African Americans who perform in the entertainment industry are mostly paid by folks who are NOT African Americans. Their performances are usually scripted and directed by non-African Americans. Get that through your thick bigoted heads. Jessie Jackson thinks that he is the African American spokesman. He isn't!!! Jessie is just misled by his ego and has been for too long. DO NOT make the mistake of lumping all African Americans together when you form your bigoted opinion. See we are not all the same. (Yeah, we might look the same but that is where it ends.) Perhaps I should use your method and assume that White Americans speak for you too and I form an opinion about all White Americans based upon that. Of course I, like you would select who I want to be your rep. Lets say Tom Ammiano speaks for you and represents all White American males. Or Jerry Lewis, how about M&M? The list goes on. I can choose anyone I want to be your spokes person and form an uninformed opinion just like you.

    Now I'd like to address the blackface issue. Blackface is not always offensive. I did not think it was offensive when Ted Dansen performed in that charactor for Whoopi. But for the most part it is. However, I cannot and do not speak for any other African American but myself. Just because an African American man was elected to the oval office does not mean that it is ok to demean African Americans regarding race or ethnicity. Just because the Cotati mayor uses racial epithets does not mean that is endorsed by African Americans. But some thick skulled bigot will think so.

    So much work to be done. God give me the strength to continue.