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Barich responds to NAACP racist nonsense.

4-8-09: Joan Simon, Cotati resident and longtime council critic and Barich "basher" tells city leaders, "Barich is not a racist..."

Letter submitted to The Press Democrat on Monday, April 6 2009 in response to the NAACP that they failed to publish.

Dear Paul Payne, (Press Democrat)

Despite the recent statement by the Sonoma NAACP chapter, I have never had anything in my heart but complete respect for people of all colors. The photo of me in "brown face, black face, tan face" or whatever you wish to describe it as, is no different than the numerous contemporary actors who put on "black face", and "white face", which can be found through links on my web blog. I am not aware of the NAACP making any statements against any such contemporary actors, and I am left wondering why they are singling me out for denunciation. I never intended to offend anyone with the photo at issue, especially our President Obama, who has nothing to do with our city policy to deny elected officials the right to use the city logo in any and all written communications. I consider myself a man of "color", and proud of it.

In addition, I paid for my own airfare to Houston Texas in 2005 to assist in the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts after witnessing on television the sight of people of all colors screaming for help from their rooftops as the flood waters engulfed their homes and neighborhoods. I was mortified as the news reporters begged citizens in America to come help immediately because of the lack of government response. My efforts as a disaster relief volunteer at The George Brown Convention Center in Houston Texas have been acknowledged by The American Red Cross as being responsible for helping save hundreds of lives. Subsequently, the City of Cotati refused to acknowledge my efforts, and refused to answer my request to help with the relief efforts on the Gulf Coast in any way, shape, or form which threatened even more lives and property in the coming weeks as Hurricane Rita was about to hit. My formal request to the City of Cotati to do something to help in this regard is on the record. The city's failure to lift a finger for the victims of these two massive hurricanes was an affront to all people of every color, everywhere. For that, I am deeply disappointed and ashamed of our city's callous disregard for human life during our country's time of need.

When people of all color needed us most, I walked the walk. I left my home, my business, my family, to help hurricane victims directly, while our city leaders sat back and watched the disaster unfold on TV in the comfort of their living rooms. How anyone can claim, or even imply, that I am a racist is outrageous. I am owed an apology by the NAACP for implying that I am a racist, and should be acknowledged and thanked for my efforts during the Hurricane disasters of 2005 and striving to make Cotati, "colorblind" once and for all.

George Barich
Cotati City Council Member


  1. You go George! I'm happy to see somebody not afraid to stand up to these race-baiting afro-nazis. They are the most racist group in America, along with their buddy Barry Obama and his foul-mouthed anti-American pastor, Jeremiah Wright.
    God bless you and your family...and your cute little dog.

  2. You are the best Mr. Barich, anti-negro all the way. We need more brave people like you to stand up to jews too. They are running your deficit.

  3. the comment at 7:37 was pretty unnecessary. The guy was being funny, although it was in bad taste, he was just trying to get a laugh out of people.

  4. Hang-in there, Georgie Boy....don't let those turkeys get you down. You'd think they'd find better things to do. Just read another article in the Press about that picture of you in blackface. I liked the doesn't look like blackface to me. I think of Al Jolson singing "Mammy"...that was actual blackface (and it made him a star, too). Just wanted you to know that I'm thinking about you and wishing you the very best. Don't change who you are...I like you for being yourself. Bye for now, Jack

  5. Hey, George, I see you made the front page. Don't take shit from any of these ignorants, no matter what their so-called position in society is. You will always be my favorite Soul Man!


  6. hey george ... you're a great friend and a great councilman. don't let these ignorant folks bring you down. while "some" people think they know you .. there are "alot of us" who knows the kind of man and councilman you are. take care mr. barich. keep up the good work. - j.lewis -

  7. I see you have removed some of your pictures and too a stance back from where you were before. Its nice to see your handful of friends write nice things about you. This was caused and generated by you and your complete disregard for the public's well being. Somehow you have it in your head that its "tuff" leadership even if the vast majority disagrees with you. There have been other misguided leaders as yourself. You will have a chance to defend your self. I know the people of Cotati will bring their displeasure of your politics. The misguided belife that the city logo is yours to use as you please, your inablity to operate under the rules and your simple lack of moral or ethical standards will be removed

  8. You are not a racist. You are merely an attention whore and an asshat. Rather than you being forced to resign or be defeated in some silly recall, I look forward to you losing your seat, decisively, in the next regularly scheduled election, now that the voters of Cotati can plainly see how badly they've been fooled. What a shameful thing to have happen to such an otherwise decent little town.

  9. Now is this not the stupidest crap ever seen heard or read ever? You mean to tell me people are offended over Barich's actions. Perfect. What a bunch of pu**ies making something out of what should be laughter. Get the God Da** CHIP of YOUR shoulder and dance a little. Barich has more soul than YOU ever thought of having. Regardlesss of his political views- he is not a racist. Until people quit getting bent out of shape over nothing- communication, kindness, comaraderie and friendship will be superficial among races.

  10. Man- I like the one of Bush! You should do one of that guy from Sebastopol in "green" and with "antennas" and caption "from Mars"!!!!

  11. George-
    Actions are bigger than words. I wish I would of been able o help as you did with Katrina. It was not below YOU to clean the showers and the urinals of these people(all races!) when the chips were down. Where were the others? Polishing their martini glasses? Make your point(points)slam dunk. And what a point you are making.

  12. White people were part of the black panthers just as whites were part of NAACP; people seem quick to forget. The city is showing itself to be in the words of bloggers "ridiculous". There are better things to be focusing their time on to be sure...

  13. Have the NAACP members and angry Cotati residents considered that President Obama himself is a racist?

    Yes. President Obama calls himself black or African-American. This exposes his racist belief that if a person has even one drop of black blood, then he is black. President Obama totally disrespects he European-American half, including the white people who cared for him and raised him.

    When are black people going to wake up?

  14. Politics is a contact sport. Barich knows this only too well. Cotati has been a hotbed for political theatrics for decades. I've known George for years going way back to when the city threatened to take part of his property through eminent domain. He serves an important role in this town as being intellectually honest even when it hurts. Don't know what the town might have looked like over the years without him, frankly.

    I know for a fact, he would rather be washing windows than serving as a councilman. I read in the paper when he said "if you don't agree... please don't vote for me". I laughed. He knows exactly what he is doing here and is working his own brand of magic. Knowing the socialist leaning mob in Cotati would pounce on any reason to lynch him, George is watching these folks self-destruct. Stupid people often underestimate the power of the truth. Any recall movement will probably expose more dirty laundry than anyone can imagine. To think that denying an elected official city stationary would have come to such a circus.

  15. Interesting that we all have the 1st Amendment right of free speech...unless we get elected to some public office. Then, you can't freely express yourself anymore.

    Especially if you are a conservative minded person trapped in a socialist state.

  16. This is not about any sort of elective recall for dereliction of his duties, it is an organized, well-rehearsed lynching of a political enemy.

    His crime is that of having an opposing viewpoint. That cannot be allowed.

    The normal rules of common decency and courtesy; respect for, and civility in dealing with others, are contrary to the new "Rules" of politics. Saul Alinsky wrote the Rules, and our current crop of "leaders" were virtually all star students,and eventually all became successful practitioners.
    Personal destruction is the first tactic taken, and nothing in a person's life is out of bounds.

    The Mob Rule that is becoming the norm in politics, foreshadows a series of Real Mobs doing those things real mobs do.

    Expect the political debate process in this country to get a whole lot uglier and more personally dangerous very, very soon.

  17. Oh, poor, persecuted conservatives. After putting up with your gloating triumphalism for the past eight years, I'm not above giving you back a little of your own. As Jon Stewart said the other night, "Now you're in the's SUPPOSED to taste like a sh*t taco." And nobody's preventing Mr. Barich or any of you from saying (and doing) stupid, thoughtless, bigoted things. You just don't like getting called on it. Too bad. Own it, suckers. Take responsibility for yourselves, like you are constantly lecturing others to do.

  18. What some of you folks don't seem to get is that this separatist bullsh** is it's own special kind of racism. If you don't like George's politic, just say so! Don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining!
    I'll bet lots of you see a kid w/ tats and piercings, and think you know all you need to about that person, same for some latino kid w/ baggy drawers! Well, you may be right, and you may be wrong. I've seen George wear this wig, and he wears it proud...doesn't have anything to do with race! Heck, my dad had a big ol afro in the 70's, and he's about as white as they come. It was the time of funk music, and the hair went with it! Get it!!!

  19. I remember a few years ago when Obama first came on the scene as a presidential contender, many within the black community did not think he was “black enough”.

    Google: “Obama not black enough”

    Many of these people would consider themselves believers in the NAACP or maybe even some are members. A few (non NAACP types) and the more responsible, brought out the issue of racism within the black community. The NAACP had a purpose at one time, but now has become another one of those organizations used by some to hide behind their race.

    Thanks for bringing out the true hypocrites George.

  20. I have known George most of his life and I know his views. George would never intentionally do anything to hurt or harm another human being or animal. George is an entertainer and has been funky for many years. Ask him to show you his pictures from his touring days. Give the guy a break so he can get on with the work his was voted in to do.

  21. I find this outrage in Cotati about Mr. Barich stupid. ! Do John Moore, Andre Morrow and Cheryl Nixon know that the number one Halloween mask sold at Halloween was a mask of Obama, is that racist? . Where was the outcry about that? I would say that touched a nerve in these three people what they are feeling, I ask you who is the racist? If at Halloween I want to be a witch am I making fun of the religion Wicca? And another thing Obama is not my president; I am one of the 44.66 percent that did not vote for Obama. It is not the color, it is because I do not see how anyone calling themselves a Christian could vote for a man who believes in partial birth abortion or better yet when an abortion is blotched to let that baby die without medical help, that people is Your president, not mine. He is not committed to the principals of the Constitution, if he were, he would object to the growth of government and the control it will have on the people and our freedom. I will agree he is a great speaker, but he lacks substance. All talk no go. As far as change, where is it? All the people he picked were in the Clinton’s administration. His global poverty act gives our tax dollars to other countries, we have starving people right her, and charity starts at home. The list goes on and on as to why he is not my president. As far as Political correctness is concerned (which I am fed up with) it causes bitter feeling, because just one wrong word and you will be called intolerant. It takes away the freedom of speech. It causes horrible disagreements. I do not like Obama, so therefore that makes me racists. Hogwash!! Just because I disagree with someone does not make me a racists. We can’t even talk about his grandparents who were Muslims, that is part of his heritage and he certainly proud of that in his book. What is wrong with saying that, my grandparents were of German decent that does not mean they killed the Jewish people. Good Gosh people stop the insanity!!!