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Toledo's mayor is cutting city lawns and his own salary before raising taxes.

Mayor puts together volunteer work crew to cut the grass. click here.

Toledo mayor calls out to citizens for help, "my responsibility is not to some union, but to the taxpayers of Toledo..." Mayor Finkbeiner.  Click here for TV news story.

mayor takes huge pay cut. Click here.

Will Cotati city leaders follow the lead of Mayor Carty Finkbeiner of Toledo, Ohio ?  Or will they simply wait for President Obama to come to the rescue?    Council member Barich has repeatedly requested that the city lead the charge with city volunteers to fill the void left from significant city cutbacks in basic services.  But to date, Barich's pleas have been ignored by city management and city leaders citing that it is just too difficult to train volunteers to do the most menial of tasks, and fearing liability issues might result from possible injuries that may result from city volunteers picking up the slack.   Cotati has no current plans to use city volunteers in any significant way to maintain pride in Cotati.

Please comment below and voice your willingness to volunteer in any way possible.

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