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Lisa Moore declares herself "emotionally challenged"...

At the June 10th, 2009 regular meeting of the Cotati City Council, Ex-Mayor, Lisa Moore approached the podium and declared herself " emotionally challenged..." during the "Citizen Business" portion of the public meeting. (can be heard on city podcast, June 10)

In one of the most emotional speeches before the council in many months, the former city leader explained what public life has been like for her and her family nearly three years after leaving public office. Dressed in what appeared to be a long-sleeve pajama top, the woman who lost her seat in 2006 came dressed up for the "un-occasion" and made baseless allegations against who knows who. This all left the council practically speechless and wondering what in the world she was even talking about. Moore went on to state that apparently public life and public criticism of her voting record had lead to at least one of her children threatening to jump off a "ledge" of some sort to apparently injure himself (No exact details were provided).

But some were left wondering what the city had to do with her family problems and why she was coming to local government for relief. The city has no authority over free speech on the Internet, or any rumors circulating the Internet as to who has legal claims against the city, and who doesn't ! The City Attorney made no comment apparently because simple questions are not actionable in a court of law. Who is currently suing the city is a matter of public record for anyone to obtain. Rumors continue to circulate in the county as to who has questionable disability claims against the local government agencies in Sonoma County, and what are the financial implications of such claims on local governments.

The Lisa Moore "tirade" was followed by a clueless, John Moore, who addressed the council by making wild allegations about a website that had nothing on it for many weeks but had at one time contained the real history of the Moores in Cotati from one person's perspective. Again, the Moores came empty handed and provided no evidence to support their allegations, no exhibits whatsoever, and even went so far as to misquote The Community Voice for publishing a letter sent in by one citizen who simply asked a simple question and nothing more. (John Moore had promised to run a certain elected official out of town in October 2008 for mentioning his wife briefly on a political campaign web site, and found out the price for doing so.)

Citizens in the room appeared concerned for the Moore couple who brought their two little kids to the meeting and demanded that that the kids get up and address the council. The children claimed that it was unfair that their parents were actually being held responsible for the years their parents have been involved in city politics, as if elected officials and Chamber of Commerce board members get a "free pass" of some kind because they have children.

It was a low point in Cotati politics to see children being used as political pawns to move public opinion farther to the political left to insist that that the city itself somehow can, or should, regulate free speech in the press. Some are seriously now asking a basic question: If this isn't fascism, what is? It was shameful to see children used in this way and quite disturbing. John Moore has widely publicized the "comedy website" in question to anyone who will listen which documented John's public antics. Now, John wonders why so many people have visited the website. The Moores pleaded with City Hall to help stop the "damage" they seem to have brought on themselves with their public whining and advertising a website that nobody knew about before they paraded it around town.

At least one citizen felt so threatened by the Moore family who approached him after the meeting and got into his face for apparently writing a letter to the local newspaper, that the man was moved to consider calling the police because of concern over his own safety. Visually shaken by this relentless duo, the victim is considering his legal options. At least one councilperson recommended, off the record, that Child Protective Services need to be contacted if, and only if, there is any truth to Moore's claim that a child in town may have attempted to commit personal injury to himself, or suicide, and the young man's parents sat back did nothing about it.

The council took no action on the incident, and the printed news media was absent from the meeting to report the story. It is now being discussed around town that a trust be set up for the Moore family so they can get the help they need without wasting any more expensive city staff time. Prayer requests for the Moore family were sent to the local churches this week in hopes something more can be done without spending more city money on people's personal problems.

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  1. The Great LibertarianJune 18, 2009 at 9:35 AM

    It would seem to me that liberals, and believe me the current crop of crap occupying the dais is definitely just that, continue to prove that liberalism is definitely a mental disease. Only items under the purview of city government should be discussed at council meetings for one. Second, as a libertarian, most of us would suggest to the Moores that personal responsibility and accountability for one's own actions are a societal obligation lost on the looney left and they need to understand that it they who are responsible for the repercussions of their actions. Of course, they could always petition BO for a redress of their grievances.

    I would certainly hope that the community of Cotati realizes what type of individuals that they have allowed to run their city into ruin in the past. Quit wasting time on the freak sideshow and get down to business.

  2. Well I knew something had to be wrong with this picture and the accusations on Barich. Everyone makes mistakes and learns by them everyday. Let's pray for the Moore Family that they can let go and learn and work helping in a positive way.