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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

The day I refused the "advances" of my old friend and neighbor in Cotati is a day she began planning her revenge to get even we me. It's unfortunate that Joan Simon would resort to trying to get even with me simply because she's not my cup of tea. But this sort of thing has been going on for centuries, and the community needs to know how evil and despicable this particular woman has become. I tried to rise above the filth this woman spews, but my supporters have advised me it's time to set the record straight and expose this woman for who and what she is once and for all...

Years ago, Joan would shower me with praise and admiration, as I did her. I have a history of email exchanges with Joan from years past. She actually supported my run for city council in 2004 and had me over to her house until the situation simply became uncomfortable for me. When she started showing up at my doorstep, unannounced, wearing too much makeup and too much perfume for my comfort, I began to back away from this woman like a gentleman. Most women would respect that from a man and move on, but not Joan Simon. Joan has now embarked on a personal vendetta to get even. Joan is way too slick to ever directly threaten to get even with her adversaries. However, her rantings about me in the press, her vocal crusades in the public parks to run me out of public office, and her going door to door in Cotati spewing propaganda is now her main focus in life. It's sad to see someone self-destruct and embarrass the city and the community to quench a personal thirst for revenge. Joan doesn't care about Cotati and everybody knows it.

Here are the facts:

The City of Cotati mailed me all my past city council paychecks (that I refused to pick up and cash) to my home in early 2010. These paychecks were for my entire service on the City Council for 2009. Part of that money went to pay a fraction of the unpaid legal costs incurred doing legal research that was presented before the City Council to aid them in their deliberations. The rest of that money went to local charity which was mentioned in a recent newspaper article. The charities have thanked me. The City of Cotati has not ! Unfortunately, Joan Simon chooses to twist the facts to damage my good reputation.

Joan has recently made false charges against me before the City Council that I am guilty of disturbing the peace in downtown on Tuesday, July 13th in Cotati when actually I was over a hundred miles away attending another city council meeting as part of my ongoing education. I have been asked by local citizens to file formal charges against Joan for falsely reporting a crime and lying to the authorities. I am weighing my options at this time on how to handle this matter.

In the meantime, Joan needs to get over her personal animosities and stick to the issues facing Cotati before she does more harm.

George Barich